What are some must-have eCommerce plugins?
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What are some must-have eCommerce plugins?

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We asked ourselves this question so many times, but it’s never simple. Each plugin can have a different purpose and use, which means the list of ecommerce plugins you must install on your website is longer than a soccer squad. The good news is there are a handful of the best ecommerce plugins that make life so much easier for online business owners. All these plugins help you achieve your goals easier and faster.


WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress that lets you create your own online store. It’s one of the most popular platforms for selling physical and digital products, allowing you to import data from Shopify, eBay or other channels.

WooCommerce includes a wide range of features such as:

  • Manage all aspects of your store — inventory, sales, taxes and more — with complete control over prices and discounts.
  • Automatically calculate shipping costs based on delivery location with custom rules for each product category (for example: free shipping above $75).
  • Add multiple payment gateways to accept payments directly through your site (PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe Checkout).

Best eCommerce/WooCommerce shipping plugins

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

  • WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro is a premium plugin, but it’s one of the best options out there.
  • With this plugin, you can add tracking numbers to orders that are being shipped so that customers can track their packages. You can also add tracking information to order emails so customers know exactly where their package is in transit.

ShipStation Integration

ShipStation Integration is the best plugin for sending orders from WooCommerce or Shopify to ShipStation. It lets you import orders, create shipping labels and track them in real time. You can also batch print shipping labels in bulk, which has been shown to increase efficiency while reducing costs by as much as 70%.

This plugin integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce platform so you can keep all of your order data in one place—no more double entry! Get your flexible shipping through Octolize.

Easy Post Shipping & Label Printing

This plugin allows you to print shipping labels directly from your WooCommerce Orders page. It automatically updates the order status, so no more updating orders manually.

You can also create labels in bulk and print them with one click.

It supports all major carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL. You can also set up your own custom carrier rates if they don’t already exist in the plugin settings.

The best part about Easy Post Shipping & Label Printing is that it adds tracking information to customer emails (with options for multiple carriers) so you don’t have to manually add tracking info after the fact! This truly makes life easier for eCommerce store owners who sell physical goods online!


TranslatePress is a powerful and easy to use WordPress translation plugin. It uses the block editor to make it easy for you to translate your website. You can translate the front end of your site, or even the back end of your site. TranslatePress works seamlessly with Elementor, which means that you’ll be able to create beautiful websites in minutes!

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress and it’s easy to see why. It provides you with a variety of tools to improve your website’s SEO and content readability, including:

  • SEO analysis that helps you identify issues with your current page setup
  • SEO optimization so that Google can better understand what each post or page is about
  • XML sitemaps so that search engines can more easily crawl through your site and find specific pages

The plugin also offers some advanced features like RSS optimization for blogs, Breadcrumbs to help users navigate through different parts of a site and social integration for sharing articles on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Product Reviews Pro

Product Reviews Pro is a great plugin for letting customers give feedback on products they’ve purchased. It allows you to add reviews by setting up a form that visitors can fill out, or it can automatically generate reviews based on the IP address of the user visiting your site.

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