Microsoft Visual Studio – how does the program work and what can you use it for?
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Microsoft Visual Studio – how does the program work and what can you use it for?

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Visual Studio prepared by Microsoft Corporation, is a powerful tool in the hands of developers. It facilitates work on large projects and allows you to combine individual components into a whole.

What is actually Visual Studio?

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment. It is used to create programs with a graphical user interface and software for consoles. It allows you to write applications for Windows, Linux and Xbox consoles. Visual Studio also allows you to write web applications, web services, and web services.

Visual Studio consists of many components. One of them is the code editor, which supports IntelliSense technology and code refactoring mechanisms. In human terms, the former helps to complete the code automatically and the latter helps to “clean” it. The debugger integrated in Visual Studio works at two levels, at the source code and machine level. In addition to these features, Microsoft’s suite includes a designer for creating Windows Forms, WPF and web applications, a tool for creating classes, database design and so on. At each application level, Visual Studio’s functionality can be extended with add-ons.

Microsoft Visual Studio also includes a set of development tools, which includes:

    Microsoft Visual C# (since version 2002),

    Microsoft Visual C++,

    Microsoft Visual Basic,

    Microsoft Visual J# (versions 2002-2005),

    Microsoft Visual Web Developer ASP.NET (since version 2005),

    Microsoft Visual F# (since version 2010).

Which version to choose?

If you were interested in Microsoft Visual Studio and searched for information about it, you might have noticed that it is available in several editions. They differ in functionality and supported standards.

    Visual Studio Express – this is the most basic version. It offers only simplified versions of programs available in paid versions of Visual Studio. It is mainly aimed at students and hobbyists, although the license allows you to create commercial programs. It allows you to work in Visual Basic Express, Visual C++ Express, Visual C# Express and Visual Web Developer Express, and includes simplified support for MSDN, a forum for users of Microsoft development solutions.

    Visual Studio Standard – the first paid version of the Visual Studio environment. Allows, among other things, the use of plug-ins and the MSDN library. But there is no possibility of remote debugging.

    Visual Studio Professional – contains everything what the previous edition, but allows you to create an installer for created programs and has the ability to remote debugging.

    Visual Studio Team System – this edition is aimed at larger enterprises. It contains tools that make it easier to collaborate on large projects.

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How will it help me?

Using the Visual Studio environment helps you write your own code faster. It also allows you to easily debug and diagnose errors in our work. Microsoft environment also allows for frequent testing, and thus gives a guarantee of correct operation of the finished version of our work. Programmers will probably appreciate the support for multiple plug-ins, and entrepreneurs will find it easier to work on large projects in which many components need to be connected together.

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