Will foldable smartphones be back in fashion?
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Will foldable smartphones be back in fashion?

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Until a dozen years ago, you could find a mass of foldable phones on the market. Then they were displaced by smartphones with a touch screen. Now again we can see in the offer of manufacturers a return to folding designs. Is this just a passing fad? Or maybe folding smartphones will become an everyday reality?  

What is the phenomenon of folding phones?

It is worth noting that the currently offered folding smartphones are no longer the same devices as before. Those flip phones were mainly manufactured by Motorola. There was a small screen on the top and a keyboard on the bottom. When folded, the phone reached a really small size. Modern models are designed to change the face of the market, introducing the latest technological solutions. Their main goal is to equip smartphones with the largest possible screen, while maintaining a reasonable size of the entire device. An additional advantage is the fact that having a foldable phone model, there will no longer be a risk of damaging or scratching the screen, because it will be possible to close it and thus protect it. It will no longer be necessary to constantly invest in foils, protective glass or other covers – they will be forgotten. Of course, if the manufacturers manage to develop a model with a very durable display.

Foldable smartphones and technological progress

It should be remembered that even if the first offers of foldable phones turned out to be a dud, due to their impermanence and very high price, technological progress is moving forward at a dizzying pace. Also, sooner or later, smartphones with a foldable screen will become widely available, and then fashionable. Mainly thanks to the fact that (at least for now) they differ from other models, which is a huge plus for those who want to stand out from the crowd, but not only. It is worth remembering the main idea for which they were designed, which is the huge screen. This will definitely convince lovers of watching videos or photos on the phone to them. Importantly, they are also characterized by multitasking. In addition to the possibility of using the folding screen as a whole, the manufacturer has also made it possible to “split” it into two separate ones. Then, for example, on one part can be displayed movies or music videos, and on the second completed calendar – without having to minimize the windows!

Foldable smartphones – something for selfie and design lovers

Not everyone realizes that having a phone with a foldable screen is the perfect way to take pictures of yourself without using a tripod for it. All you have to do is put the phone with the screen bent at the right angle and you are done! It is worth remembering that not for every user the functionality is the most important. For some, much more important is the elegant and interesting design, and this can not be denied by folding smartphones. At the moment, folding smartphones are just a technological novelty, but probably in some time they will appear on the market permanently. Then, perhaps, like any other novelty will slowly begin to displace its predecessors. Just like touch phones – in the beginning they had many opponents who preferred traditional models with buttons, and now they are practically not produced at all. One thing is certain – folding phones are unusual devices that are likely to steal the hearts of many lovers of novelties. 

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