3D Printing – More Than Just Fun
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3D Printing – More Than Just Fun

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Until recently, 3D printers were used only to print abstract designs and to test their capabilities. After several years of testing, it turns out that 3D printing is very useful, it can be used in medicine and industry, among others. It is a wonderful and extremely versatile invention. Learn about the unusual uses of 3D printer

3D printing and prosthetics

Several years ago, work began on prosthetic limbs and other body parts made with 3D printing technology. Currently on the market appeared first models of printed prostheses, which perfectly fulfill their functions for people with various amputations. This is a huge breakthrough and convenience for amputee patients, as the ability to print a customized prosthesis on a 3D printer significantly reduces the waiting time for an artificial limb, which can be as long as several years. Technology is becoming more and more useful and used in medicine, which works to the benefit of patients

3D printing and coronavirus

In the era of pandemics, scientists have started working on a prototype of a respirator that can be manufactured just by using a 3D printer. The whole world was experiencing a shortage of medical equipment, and ventilators were a particularly scarce commodity. Thanks to 3D printing technology, cheap and relatively fast machines were created, which are still saving lives of people fighting COVID-19 disease. Interestingly, the life-saving device was developed by engineers from Krakow

3D printing and industry

When it comes to the most popular use of 3D printing, it is in industry. In this huge industry, 3D printers are used to create prototypes, designs, and molds. It is most often used in automation, transportation, mainly aerospace and automotive or in the jewelry industry. Since modern 3D printers allow for printing both plastics, such as composite, and metals, they are extremely useful in industry and production. They give the opportunity to test a solution before implementing it, thus avoiding costly and sometimes even fatal mistakes and errors

3D printing and art

Today’s artists are eager to use the latest technological advances to improve or create from scratch their designs. It is perfect for those who want to transfer their digital art into 3D format. For printing works of art, sculptures and molds to create casts Creality 3D printer, whose official distributor in Poland is Botland, will be perfect. Thanks to the development of technology, not only “utilitarian” industries gain. Although art is not such an indispensable field as medicine or food production, without it life would be sad, grey and devoid of beauty. Many famous artists even say that art is as necessary to life as oxygen and indeed, if we think about it longer, even without our knowledge, art surrounds us from every side and accompanies us in every sphere of life

Technology and its constant development allow us to create and use innovative solutions. Although only a few years ago it seemed unbelievable, today thanks to 3D printing it is possible to restore people’s fitness and even save their lives. It is no longer just a game and an “invention” of engineers, but an extraordinary technology that allows you to do extraordinary things.

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