Reasons for slow web page opening
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Reasons for slow web page opening

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Slow opening of web pages can be very inconvenient. There may be various reasons for such a problem. In this article we point out the most popular of them and suggest how to deal with them.

Page problem

Many websites need to be optimized in terms of how they serve dynamic content. This in turn is dependent on the number of requests to the server and the database. If the website code is not definitively optimized and tested under heavy load, the database may stop responding. It is worth using proper hosting to avoid such problems. Check out web hosting from

The problem may also lie in a large number of unoptimized files and images. Various types of files and graphics consume the transfer, which is often fixed in advance, and running out of it blocks or slows down the website.

If not the fault of the website – then what?

If a website loads slowly and we know that the fault does not lie in the website itself, we should first determine whether the problem lies in a particular device or perhaps in the Internet connection. To do this, the easiest way is to check the speed of loading web pages on another device, namely a laptop or a smartphone. If they also have trouble loading the page, it is the internet connection that is to blame

In this situation, it is worth restarting the router, as this is often enough to solve the problem. Besides, you should remember that slow web pages opening occurs when many people, for example other household members, are using a particular network at a given time. It can be more noticeable when one person overloads the connection, for example by watching a movie. If restarting the router does not solve the problem and the home Internet network is not overloaded, it is best to report the problem to the Internet service provider.

Problems with a particular device

If the website opens normally on other devices, then the problem lies with your particular computer or phone. Very often, it is related to the browser, so it is advisable to start solving the problem by cleaning the browsing data. This includes both browsing history, cookies (so-called “cookies”), and cached data and files. If there is a large accumulation of these, they can noticeably slow down the browser

Additionally, it is worth making sure that the browser is updated to the latest available version. If this does not help, it may be a good idea to disable all installed extensions. Some of them may cause problems with loading websites. If sites load normally after being turned off, you will need to turn them on one at a time to find the one that was not working properly.

Too little RAM

A common cause of slow opening websites is also insufficient available RAM. Web browsers usually need quite a large amount of this memory to work properly. Therefore, if programs that consume a lot of your computer’s cache resources are running at the same time, it can have a negative impact on the loading speed of web pages. In a similar way, you may notice a slowdown if you have too many pages open in your browser at the same time

Information about how much memory a particular program uses can be easily checked. On a computer, just turn on the Task Manager, which is launched with the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys. On smartphones, you can also check how much RAM a particular program is using.

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