Even temperature in every room – which controller to choose?
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Even temperature in every room – which controller to choose?

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In the past, setting the same temperature in each room was associated with manual adjustment of thermostats. Today, the matter is much simpler. With different types of heating we can use wireless and wired electronic temperature controllers. How do such devices work?

Temperature controller. What is it?

We are talking about a device that, when connected to the heating system, allows you to manage the entire installation. The purpose of using such a solution is to save time, but also resources. We distinguish

  • room regulators – heating intensity depends on the temperature inside the house;
  • external controllers – heating intensity is selected according to the conditions outside the house

What functions can a room thermostat have?

First of all, modern thermostats can control several circuits simultaneously – this applies to both typical radiator and floor heating. They can also take part in controlling the preparation of hot water for daily use. Thanks to them we can also avoid reaching extreme (high or low) temperatures of water in the installation

Temperature controller and its types

The basic division of temperature controllers is their separation into manual and digital. The first is characterized by the need for manual temperature control; digital devices allow for simpler operation. Among them, we also distinguish those that are programmable. In addition, temperature controllers can be divided into wired and wireless

What are the advantages of electronic controllers?

First of all, their advantage over manual ones lies in the fact that they are programmable. So you do not have to spend so much time changing the settings – we also have the possibility of some automation of the heating process. You can set the same temperature everywhere or decide on different heights in different rooms. There is for example an opportunity to make the bedroom a bit cooler – thanks to this we will sleep better. A higher temperature should be left in the bathroom. It is worth adding that electronic temperature controllers are durable devices and do not consume much energy. Unfortunately, their operation is a bit more difficult

What should we pay attention to when choosing one?

On the market there is a growing variety of temperature controllers. This makes it difficult to choose, but also allows you to more easily select a device to meet your needs. In particular, it is worth paying attention to:

  • way of programming – it is important what kind of programming possibilities the device gives; we can talk about programming the heating to a specific temperature, turning it on from a specific hour or doing it in a weekly cycle;
  • range of temperature regulation settings – a classic solution is regulation from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius; it is also worthwhile for such a device to have possibly high regulation accuracy, e.g. by 0.1 degree Celsius
  • mounting method – surface mounted, built-in or free standing
  • type of power supply – mains or battery;
  • control – using knobs, a touchscreen display or a smartphone app in the case of the most modern units.

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