How to choose a TV set for the size of the room?
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How to choose a TV set for the size of the room?

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Many people may think that the bigger the TV, the better. Well, this is not quite true. 

The size of the screen must be matched proportionally to the size of the room in which it will be located. Otherwise, watching your favorite productions can be an uncomfortable experience and lead to deterioration of vision. In this case, what to pay attention to before making a purchase?

The ideal place for a TV – where to set the new equipment?

Before visiting electronics stores with the intention of buying a new TV, it is worthwhile to first carefully consider the question. First of all, you should take a solid look around your apartment, and more specifically around the room that will soon be used as a home theater. The choice of where to place the newly purchased equipment is extremely important. Ideally, it should not be a location opposite the window – unless there is no other option, in which case it is worth equipping yourself with solid blackout blinds for the room. 

If the TV is to be hung, it is good that it is a solid load-bearing wall, and not one of those made of dicta, because the receiver has its own weight and can simply fall. Next, it is necessary to determine the distance from the sofa or armchairs, that is, simply from the main piece of furniture on which you will spend time in front of the TV. Of course, all the available space must be measured carefully, so that after the fact it does not turn out that a few necessary centimeters were missing.

TV parameters vs. available space

Although it seems that a larger receiver is always a guarantee of a better screening – this is a mistake. A TV user should always be able to cover the entire screen with his or her eyes in order to feel full comfort from watching. Otherwise, the eyes, forced to constantly “jump” from point to point, will quickly become fatigued, which will lead to experiencing pain and, consequently, to deterioration of vision. When choosing a screen size for a small room, it is much more advantageous to “save” a little on the resolution, and use the money thus received for a much better picture quality. A small TV set broadcasting productions in 4K or even 8K parameters will allow you to observe all, even the smallest details, which from a distance of several meters would be unfeasible. However, in the case of large rooms – here it is already worth going crazy with the resolution, because too small a receiver will not allow the human eye to see the difference in image quality.

How to choose the screen resolution? 

The simplest method to match the sample size of the receiver to the room is to make some easy calculations. Manufacturers suggest that for complete comfort and the best possible reception of broadcast productions, it is worth following a rule of thumb. It says that the minimum distance from the TV should be no less than twice the width of the screen, while the maximum – no more than four times. Being the owner of a room with a rather uncluttered form, where it is impossible to set a greater distance, it is worth opting for a smaller model with high picture quality. Choosing a receiver for a spacious living room, where it will be used by many people at the same time, it is necessary to pay additional attention to the matrix, as it is responsible for the ability to observe from different angles.

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