Gadgets and accessories to protect your phone from damage
Gadgets and accessories

Gadgets and accessories to protect your phone from damage

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It only takes a moment of carelessness or bad luck to break or scratch the display of your phone. Unfortunately, repairing or replacing it often involves considerable costs. However, you can avoid them with the right gadgets and accessories for your phone. See which ones to choose and why.

Smartphones are an integral part of everyday life of most of us. They serve us both for work and for entertainment. Their screens, however, are an element very susceptible to damage. The display surface can be scratched or chipped quite easily, even when storing the phone in a backpack or handbag. Dropping the phone may even result in complete destruction of the screen, and its replacement is often simply not cost-effective.

The right case

Durable material

A phone case should primarily be made of high quality material. Manufacturers offer different types of cases, such as polycarbonate or armored. Depending on how much your phone will be exposed to falls, choose the material from which the case will be made. You can opt for a “back” type of case, which protects the back of the smartphone or one with a flap. The advantage of the latter is certainly that they simultaneously protect the screen and the body of the phone. They are usually made of high quality materials.


Each case, to protect your phone well, must be well suited to a particular model of phone. Therefore, when looking for the right case for your smartphone, be guided by the exact models it is recommended for.

Interesting design

The basic idea is that the case should protect the phone from damage. However, this does not exclude that it can not be elegant and striking. Therefore, you should choose a case to your liking. A great solution in such a situation is the design of cases, so that everyone can decide how his case will look like.

Protective glass

As in the case of phone cases, glass is available in different types. Manufacturers offer tempered glass or hybrid glass. Their thickness should be adjusted to how much the phone is exposed to damage. At you can find protective films and glasses for your phone. Glass for the screen is especially recommended for people who only have a case for the back of the smartphone.

Phone holder

If you often drive, a phone holder can be an essential accessory. Not only does it prevent damage to your smartphone, it also increases safety while driving. You shouldn’t use your phone while driving, but sometimes it is necessary, such as when using navigation. The holder should allow movement in every direction so that the optimum position of the display can be set. The holder should also be able to accommodate different devices, so flexible spacing is important. The most popular type of car holder is one that is mounted to the windshield with a suction cup. It allows you to look at the screen without having to take your eyes off the road. You can also buy a holder mounted on the ventilation grid, dashboard or steering wheel.

In addition to car mounts, there are also hand grips available on the market, which will come in handy especially for runners. A phone tucked in your pocket or held in your hand is not only inconvenient, but also quite risky when it comes to the safety of your smartphone. If you ride a bike, you will also appreciate the bike mount for your phone.

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