The best graphics programs to replace Photoshop for you
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The best graphics programs to replace Photoshop for you

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Photoshop is a program that probably does not need to be introduced to anyone. Even people who do not deal with photo processing or computer graphics on a daily basis are familiar with it. Despite its numerous advantages and enormous possibilities, the aforementioned application has one major drawback, which is its price. 

What’s more, the cost you have to pay if you want to use the software is not a one-time fee, but paid in a monthly subscription. However, there is no need to worry, as there is a really wide selection of free programs on the market today that can successfully replace Photoshop.

Purchase of Photoshop is not necessary

Photographers, as well as computer graphics professionals, are often ready to face an expense of 3,000 zlotys, dedicated to a professional application necessary for their work. This is the approximate annual amount to pay for the ability to use Photoshop. However, those who cannot consider it as an investment, and are only looking for software in which they can easily and effectively process private photos or play with graphics, should consider choosing a replacement. 

Moreover, it is worth noting that Photoshop is an extremely advanced editor designed for professionals. Amateurs, beginners, and those who do not associate their professional future with graphics do not need such numerous options. The vast majority of them will not even have the opportunity to use them. So it is worth opening up to novelties and trying out free graphics programs, which very often turn out to be much more useful than their “prototype”.

Free graphics programs

Although the choice is really huge, in the first place it is worth paying attention to the already cult program GIMP. Most people certainly remember it from their school days, as this is where you can learn the basics of its use.

Its multifunctionality and access to a huge number of advanced options makes it successfully called a free substitute for Photoshop. The application will prove perfect not only for basic photo editing, but also for professional retouching. No less noteworthy is Photopea, which, according to user reviews, is one of the best applications for photo editing. Interestingly, even its visual theme is extremely similar to Photoshop. Like GIMP, it offers the ability to work on layers, but Photopea has the advantage of a much friendlier interface and more intuitive operation.

Free Photoshop replacements

Another free alternative for those who care mainly about photo processing is PhotoScape X. In its resources you can find a wide selection of ready-made filters for beautification, although much better results can be achieved by playing with sliders manually – of course, having already had some practice. The only drawback of the application is the lack of a Polish language version, but it is easy enough to use that this should not be a problem for anyone. Especially since most of the functions are presented through clear icons. 

The list of most interesting proposals will also include something for fans of mobile solutions, namely Snapseed. The program is designed mainly for smartphones, also it will prove perfect for selfie processing. Interestingly, the application is equipped with a special function that allows you to selectively edit pixels, so with a little skill you can completely change the appearance of many a photo.

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