How do professional players train?

How do professional players train?

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E-sports is not only gaining more understanding among people who have less contact with virtual reality, but is also gaining popularity in our country. It’s no wonder that the successors of Filip ”Neo” Kubski, i.e. professional players, are receiving more and more attention from the media and fans. What does their training look like? Do they have to take care of their health and relaxation, just like chess players? We suggest

Training period in electronic sport. What does it look like?

Recent years have seen a dynamic development of e-sport. It is encouraged not only by the love of computer games and adrenaline, but also money. There is no denying, however, that it is associated with many sacrifices

What does the training cycle in e-sport look like?

I guess it can be compared to the type of training that is characteristic for e.g. boxing or MMA. There is the normal training time, when the goal is to stay in good shape and practice “tasks” to improve the player’s skills, but there are also special periods. These are those that precede important matches or tournaments. Then the e-sportsmen have preparation camps. The gaming intensity is then even twice as high as during everyday training. The purpose of the camps is to train together, eliminate mistakes and establish tactics.

What does an e-sports player’s training consist of?

First of all, it must be properly integrated into the rhythm of the day. After all, we are not talking about casual gaming in spare time, but about someone else’s work

Training schedule

The timed training starts with a warm-up, just like in traditional sports training. Then the tactics are discussed. This is also the part of the training dedicated to the analysis work. The individual solutions are finally tested in practice matches against each other

Does an e-sportsperson need to take care of his health?

It turns out that talent, regularity and enthusiasm for training are not everything. E-sportsmen, just like celebrities known from football fields, treadmills or rings, must lead an appropriate lifestyle.

Physical health

Long hours spent in front of a computer screen are well relieved by physical exercise. This is beneficial for the very hygiene of this type of work. Very many e-sportsmen run or work out at the gym. Diet is also important, from which fast food should be removed. The diet should be supplemented with products that improve concentration and have a positive effect on eyesight. It is also important to get plenty of sleep. This greatly affects the speed of reaction, which in the world of professional players is indispensable.

Mental health

The need for constant training, spending many hours in front of the monitor and stress associated with high expectations can cause deterioration of mental health of players. That’s why it’s important to play sports and work with a psychologist or mental coach.

What about injuries?

These also happen to e-sports players, although they are perhaps less frequent than in the case of professional footballers, ski jumpers or boxers. It turns out, however, that the wrists of players are particularly stressed. There are times when intense workouts end up necessitating surgery and an enforced career break

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