Basic equipment of dental offices

Basic equipment of dental offices

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Every dentist’s office should have basic equipment that will allow for professional treatment. Read what equipment and accessories a dental office should be equipped with.

Deficiencies in dental offices

A dental office, run as part of a non-public health care facility, should meet certain conditions. One of them is to have rooms and equipment that meet certain requirements of general space, installation, sanitation and hygiene. The State Sanitary Inspection is responsible for conducting inspections in the offices

The most frequent violations found by the State Sanitary Inspection in dental offices concern improper preparation and storage of disinfectant solutions, improper sterilization of tools and improper handling of medical waste. It is worth taking care of, among other things, developing procedures for the use of protective clothing, as well as the proper procedure for disinfecting dental tools and equipment in order to avoid fines.

Dental office equipment

Basic dental office equipment includes

  • dental unit (chair)
  • console with tools
  • spittoon block
  • unit control panel
  • treatment lamp
  • autoclave
  • ultrasonic cleaner
  • tool packing machine
  • treatment microscope
  • assisting station
  • point of care X-ray
  • diagnostic tools and instruments
  • tools used to isolate teeth from moisture
  • dental overlays and trays for filling cavities in teeth
  • instruments for tooth preparation, e.g. drills connected to the dental unit
  • accessories for disinfection and sterilization
  • individual means of personal protection.

Personal protective equipment

In view of the current pandemic situation, it is particularly worthwhile to pay attention to accessories for protection against microorganisms, such as preparations for hygiene and disinfection of equipment or clothing and personal protective equipment. These should be used during both standard and surgical procedures

Among the most important function of visors, protective masks or dental goggles is to protect the respiratory tract, eyes and face from droplet-transmitted microorganisms. Properly selected equipment will increase comfort and safety for the doctor and his patients in the dental surgery. It is worth knowing that an alternative to a protective mask and dental goggles can be dental visor with the possibility of replacing the protective film. Protective visors are ergonomic, can be adjusted to the shape of the head and disinfected with disinfectants.

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